Bookmarklet is a small computer application that can be stored in your bookmarks to create functionalities while you visit webpages. For example, a bookmarklet can display in a new window all images of the webpage you are viewing, or can be used to take notes from a page, or send page contents to your email, etc.

Here you can view some useful bookmarklets, add them to your browser and also edit and create new bookmarklets.

Bookmarklet Construction Set
Create bookmarklets using JavaScript (bookmarklet editor tool)

STEP 1 - Enter javascript code:

Bookmarklet name: (bookmark link name)

STEP 2 - Convert to Bookmarklet
Click here:

Generated bookmarklet code:

Bookmarklet link:
(click "Convert JavaScript to Bookmarklet" to create the link)

Try those useful bookmarklets samples - click to create bookmarklet link and use them in your browser:

- View page source - display real current generated html page (without resubmitting forms!).

- Dumps document internal (DOM - Document Object Model) information and JavaScript browser variables.

- View all page images in a new window. Includes image size (pixels) and url.

- View linked images in the same window. Eg: view larger size images linked from page.

- Open all links in new windows (new tabs).

- Submit form to a debug page that will show content of input fields. It also displays 'type=hidden' form fields and make them editable.

- Validate current page with W3C standards.

- Take notes while browsing. Pops up a box, enter text you want to remember. It deletes the note when you leave the page.

More about Bookmarklets in Wikipedia:

One Response to Bookmarklets

  1. Dave says:
    Thanks - because of the way it works (inlining the linked files rather than creating a new page) this "linked images" bookmarklet works perfectly in Chrome.

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