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Software developer and director at Insite ( I create Internet tools like: online forums, chat rooms, email marketing software, task management and chatter bots. I love to code in JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js and Perl.

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Canvas Color Picker

This demo uses <canvas> element and reads RGB color value from the pixel selected with mouse. The script creates an img object and reads an image from url. Then it copies the image to the canvas element and binds to … Continue reading
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Processing.js - Interactive data visualization

El Sombrero 3D (the Mexican Hat equation)

This 3D surface was created with the Processing Language (processing.js). The image is calculated by the browser in real time and you can interact with the mouse, edit equations and view other … Continue reading

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Creating sound waves with JavaScript

Sound waves can be generated using math equations. For example, the frequency of 440 Hz produces the musical note known as "A4". This can be created by a sine wave that vibrates the audio output 440 times in one second. … Continue reading
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HTML5 Audio Element

Javascript Audio Synthesis - How to use HTML5 audio tag to create sounds

This method generates a raw binary wave (wav) file with a simple frequency (sine wave) and writes it directly to the audio tag output. It is … Continue reading

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